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Newsletter software for automated email marketing campaigns that will grow your business and that your contacts will love.

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Powerful Email Marketing and Newsletter Software

Versatile newsletter software to help you send emails that people will love.
Perfect for E-Commerce shops, small businesses, and digital marketing agencies.
Marketing automation that inspires your customers, saves time, and grows your business.

Responsive Design

Design Newsletters that people will love.

Use our newsletter software to design beautiful emails with more than 50 free Responsive Design templates. If you’d like, we’ll even build you a personalized template using your corporate design.

More than 50 free templates
Choose from more than 50 free Responsive Design templates, or use our newsletter software to design your own.

Easy to Use Editor
Our newsletter software’s easy to use editor makes it easy to create and send revenue-driving email campaigns.

Marketing Automation
Intelligent email marketing software that engages your contacts with trigger-emails, lifecycle campaigns, and more.

Unlimited Contacts, Easily Managed

Import unlimited contacts with just a few clicks. Assign contacts identifying traits, and segment them into dynamic groups based on common traits. Our newsletter software makes contact management easy.

Contact Import

Import Excel Lists
Upload your contact lists with only a few clicks directly into the email marketing software. Contact traits and data fields are automatically imported.

Dozens of Free Plug-ins
Sync contacts from your E-Commerce, CRM or CMS system with the email marketing software. Daily updates keep your contact list up to date.

Automatic Bounce & Unsubscribe Management
Contact lists are automatically updated for unsubscriptions and bad email addresses. They are visible, but no longer receive emails.

Powerful Analytics in Real Time

The newsletter software contains powerful tracking tools that empower you to track and optimize the success of your email campaign in real time. Whether you are a marketing expert or just starting out, our analytics tools provide key insights that will help you get the most out of every email campaign.

Newsletter Tracking

Whitelisted Servers
Our email marketing software’s servers whitelisted by ReturnPath and ISIPP with an average delivery rate of 99.5%, so you can be sure your emails will arrive.

Measure KPIs
Analyze KPI’s in real time, including Open- and Click-Through-Rates. Click Maps show exactly where your contacts clicked within the email.

Cluster Analysis & Geo-locating
Cluster analysis tools give you data-driven insights, and tools like geo-locating allow you to see where your contacts open your emails.

We’d Love to Help You

Take advantage of our free Customer Support. One of our friendly, expert technicians will make sure that your questions get answered.

What is Newsletter2Go?

Newsletter2Go is cloud-based newsletter software that empowers companies, E-Commerce sites, associations, and public entities to create, send and track personalized Email marketing campaigns. Newsletter2Go’s software is cloud-based, giving you flexibility to work from anywhere without cumbersome installations. With Newsletter2Go’s high-performance software you can easily design engaging Email marketing campaigns that raise brand awareness, boost traffic, and drive sales. Use Newsletter2Go’s sophisticated tracking system to analyze your newsletter in real time.

Who Uses Newsletter2Go?

Newsletter2Go email marketing software is used by both digital marketing professionals and by total newcomers, by large firms and small startups. The versatile and high-performance software is easy to learn and use, and offers professional marketers powerful analytic tools and sophisticated personalization options. Raise brand awareness, re-activate lapsed users, and send personalized offers to your customers. Email marketing is a powerful tool for every organization. And you don’t ever have to worry: our dedicated, professional Support Team is always there for you.

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