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There are two fundamental aspects of every successful email marketing campaign: a comprehensive list of email addresses, and engaging content.

In this blog post we’re going to talk about the five most effective strategies to build your email contact list. Without a great list of potential recipients, it’s nearly impossible to run an effective email marketing campaign. After all, if you don’t have anyone to receive your newsletter, or if you’re sending information to people who aren’t at all interested, it doesn’t matter how great the newsletter itself is.

1. Build Email Contact Lists Through Registration Forms on Your Website

One of the most effective ways of building an email contact list is by having a registration form on your web platform – either somewhere within your website’s content, or as part of the checkout processes in your Webshop. This ensures that your newsletters will reach people interested in your content/products, and allows you to customize the user experience (by displaying your brand’s logo, for example) from the very beginning.

Both can be effective, so here are a couple of tips for each:


Put the registration form, or a link to a unique landing page, somewhere where users can see it! Hiding the form in your site’s footer or as a small link deep within your website means that your customers might miss it. Consider creating a registration form next to your best content, or using a so-called scrolling form that follows your users as they move down the page.

Webshop Checkout

Ask your customers as they checkout whether they’d like to subscribe to your newsletter. Hint: the newsletter subscription needs to be confirmed separately by your customers (e.g. by a checkbox).

2. Give Users More than One Chance to Register

Give your users and customers more than one opportunity to register for your newsletter. For Webshops, this could mean asking users if they want to register as soon as they start searching for products and then again once they check out.

For your website, try having your registration form on your homepage and on your blog.

3. Use Special Offers to Generate Registrations

Drive registrations by offering benefits – for example “Register for Our Newsletter and Receive 15% Off Your Next Purchase!”  Not only will you generate email addresses for your newsletter, you’ll increase the chance of a same-day purchase.

Beyond offers, use a Call to Action to encourage registrations. Don’t be pushy or aggressive, but try using more affirmative language: “Receive Exclusive Weekly Offers” is better than “Register for Our Newsletter.”

And finally, frame your registration offer in a way that presents a clear choice for your users. For example, two checkboxes labeled “YES, I want to take advantage of the 15% discount” and “NO thanks, I would not like the discount.”

4. Integrate a Registration Form into Your Website

Depending on the content management system that you use, you might have the option of downloading and installing an email marketing plug-in (take a look at the Newsletter2Go Plug-in Center to see if we offer a Plug-in for your system). This plug-in allows you to insert a registration form directly onto your website.

If you aren’t able to find a plug-in or want to build your own, you’ll have to write the HTML code yourself (or use an online helper) and insert it into your site. Remember: put the form where your visitors will see it!

Newsletter2Go Registration Form for WordPress

If you’d like to use Newsletter2Go’s powerful Email Marketing Software as part of your next marketing campaign, and you use a WordPress website, you have two very simple options. First, you can use the Form Editor to simply create a registration form directly on your website. You can easily upload this information to your Newsletter2Go account.

Or if you’d prefer, take advantage of the Newsletter2Go WordPress Plug-in. The Plug-in allows you to import customizable registration forms onto your website. Registration information is automatically imported into your Newsletter2Go account.

Newsletter registration form for online shops

For your E-commerce system, create a code for registration forms using a Form Generator. Copy this code onto your Webshop wherever you’d like. The Newsletter2Go Form Editor allows you to easily generate the code, even if you don’t have any prior HTML knowledge. The registration forms can be fully customized, fields can be defined as mandatory or optional, and registration data is easily uploaded to your Newsletter2Go account.

5. Stay Legally Compliant

Most jurisdictions require that commercial emails can only be sent to recipients who have explicitly agreed to receive them. This is yet another reason to avoid purchasing lists of email addresses – you can’t be sure that everyone on the list has agreed to receive commercial emails.

The Double Opt-In (DOI) registration procedure ensures that emails will only be sent to recipients who agreed to receive them. After entering their email addresses, potential recipients are sent an email with a confirmation link. The link must be clicked in order to confirm registration.

Almost all Email Marketing Software platforms use the DOI registration procedure. This system can be customized to ask for additional information from the registrant, for example their age or gender.

All marketing emails must also include an unsubscribe button. Almost all professional email marketing providers include this button automatically, but it’s something to keep in mind nonetheless.

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