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Why Email Marketing is Here to Stay

January 8, 2016

Resurrection of Email Marketing

3 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Alive and Well

People have been predicting the imminent death of email marketing for years. In fact, people have been predicting the imminent death of email for years.

As you noticed when you opened your inbox this morning, this clearly isn’t yet the case. Email marketing is here to stay.

Why have the predictions been wrong? Three big reasons:

  • The much-predicted social media marketing revolution didn’t end up happening. Email marketing is still more effective than via social media.
  • Responsive design means that email marketing is just as effective for mobile devices as it is on desktop.
  • Marketing automation means that better content can be delivered to the people who want it. Automation leads to personalization, and personalization leads to results.

1. Email marketing is more effective than social media marketing.

Facebook and Twitter like to appear as the ideal platforms to reach out to customers and hook them. The reality is a bit different:

Email is up to 40 times as effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter put together (Source: McKinsey & Company, 2014).

One big reason is that social media is really chaotic and extremely competitive. Just take a look at the endless Twitter streams and you’ll quickly realize how easily a message can disappear without ever having caught anyone’s attention. Email, on the other hand, may appear a little dated,but the inbox is still a space for the private, a quiet place away from the turbulence of social media. Email remains the favored medium for professional and personal one-on-one communication.

88% of B2B marketers think that Email is still the most effective channel for generating leads (Source: Circle Research, 2012).

In addition, by using a double opt-in process ( where recipients receive a confirmation mail before they are added to your contact list) you’re assured that your newsletter always reaches those who’re really interested in your products.

74% of consumers say that Email is their preferred channel for receiving advertising messages.

As you can see, Emails are a necessary part of any effective online marketing campaign. The good news is that you no longer have to do everything yourself: Professional email marketing tools allow you to segment your recipients and personalize offers with great precision.

66% of internet users have completed an online purchase after receiving a marketing email.


2. Responsive Design, a groundbreaking innovation.


A fact that we can all agree on: The world is going mobile. In France, the use of smartphones has nearly doubled in three years. In Spain, which has one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in Europe, 72% of the population uses smartphones (source: Google Consumer Barometer, 2015). Email is no exception:

48% of all e-mails are now opened on mobile devices (source: Litmus, 2015).

One argument for the extinction of the email was always that the mobile experience was better suited to social media. Now we know that this assumption was wrong. Emails are still easy to use, lightweight, and responsive design adapts very well to presentation on mobile devices.

With professional Email marketing tools, it has become extremely easy to create responsive newsletters and take advantage of the growing number of smartphone users.

11% of smartphone users in France (12% in Spain) use their smartphone to research or buy their last online purchase (Source: Google Consumer Barometer, 2015).

3. New tools for marketing automation.

One of the most powerful tools of modern email marketing is automation. Simply put, the goal of email marketing automation is to create a newsletter that will be sent automatically to the recipient at the time of a particular event. This could be a birthday or the one-year anniversary of a purchase or newsletter subscription.

The aim is to retain customers and prospects with highly personalized content and the ability to send emails that are not random and thus likely to be deleted without being read.

Personalized Emails improve click-through rates (CTR) by 14% and conversion rates by 10% (Source: Aberdeeb Group, 2012).

With the help of personalization and recipient segmentation, new email marketing automation tools allow you to build a personal relationship with your customers more effectively than any other communication channels!

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