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Personalized Newsletter Design Blocks

How to Address Multiple Target Groups with a Single Newsletter

Relevance is one of the biggest success factors in email marketing. The more closely you speak to your customers needs, interests, and desires, the more likely that your next email marketing campaign will be a success. No two contacts are alike: we’re all unique little flowers!

To empower our customers to send their contacts custom, individual, and completely personalized emails, we’ve added a brand new feature to our world-leading newsletter software: Personalized Design Blocks.

What Are Personalized Design Blocks?

Personalized Design Blocks are elements within your newsletter that allow you to automatically customize the email for individual contacts. For example, all women would be greated with the phrase “Hello Ms.”, and all men would see “Hello Mr.” instead.

Personalized Newsletter Design Blocks

Personalized greetings can range from the mild to the wild, from simple differentiations between men and women to more complex modifications based on purchase history or browsing activity. Your imagination is the limit.

The crucial benefit here is that you are, in a sense, creating multiple newsletters at once. By creating the newsletter template and inserting the personalized greeting, every newsletter that you sent will be a unique, perfectly customized marketing experience.

How do Address Books Work?

Personalized Design Blocks are inserted into your newsletter the same way any other images or text blocks are. Just highlight the block, text, or image that you’d like to change and click on the Personalization button.

Once you click on the button, you’ll see a screen like the one above. It looks a bit confusing, but is actually quite simple: you’re just setting If/THEN conditions for when certain content should be displayed.

In the example above, I’ve set up the conditions so that IF a contact is male, THEN they will see the “Hi Mr.” text. IF a contact is female, THEN they will see the “Hi Ms.” text.

Easy peasy!

Why Should I use Personalized Design Blocks?

These days, standing out from the crowd with your marketing newsletters is harder than ever. A cornerstone of successful email marketing is customization, personalization, and relevance.

This begins straightaway, with personalized greetings, content, and images. You can make all of your contacts feel like you have their personali interests and desires in mind. Even more sophisticated consumers, while not allowing themselves to be flattered that you know them by name, will appreciate the effort and technological sophistication involved.

Personalized newsletters lead to higher open rates, more clicks, and better conversion rates. And at the end of the day, that’s what Newsletter2Go’s newsletter software is all about: empowering you to send email marketing campaigns that will grow your business!

Personalized Design Blocks

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