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Please Note: You can begin migrating your account to the new software on April 20. You can find more information about the migration here: Migrating Your Account.

We’ve been working on it for a while, and are happy to finally be able to show off our work: the completely new, totally redesigned Newsletter2Go.

The new email marketing software includes a lot of exciting, new features. We’re particularly proud about one in particular, which we think is the first of its kind worldwide. The new version of Newsletter2Go is not only faster, looks better, and is more user friendly, but will reward you for outstanding email marketing.

We understand the challenges that email marketing presents. Your contacts’ inboxes are fuller than ever, and sending emails that stand out from the crowd is more challenging than ever.

To do it, email marketers need to speak perfectly to the interests and desires of their contacts. They need to send emails that people will love.

Newsletter2Go wants to empower you to send exactly these kinds of emails. And we’re convinced that these new features will help you achieve your goals:

The World-First: Credit Paybacks

We would like to pay you to send outstanding email campaigns. Seriously.

The better your email campaigns – the more opens, clicks, and conversions – the cheaper it will be.

credit paybacks

We’ll measure the success of your campaign against the average for your industry, and for email campaigns with above-average performance, we’ll refund a portion of the campaign’s costs as email credits. The better your newsletter performs, the more credits you’ll receive and the higher your ROI.

Completely Redesigned Newsletter Software

Create and edit your newsletters with the new Drag & Drop editor. A completely new user dashboard makes it easier to make your way through our newsletter software. If you have demanding requirements when designing your emails, then the design block navigator will give you the overview that you need.

The new test features will help you perfect your emails before you ever send them. A mobile preview feature will show you how the newsletter will be displayed on smartphones and tablets. Your emails will look great, no matter the end device.

A new notification system that you can work more efficiently. Complex operations, like importing large lists of contacts, will now be carried out in the background. You can simply switch pages and keep working and will be informed as soon as the import is complete.

Our REST-API was redesigned and expanded, so that a lot of additional API-calls are now possible. Initially, both the current and the new API will run parallel to one another, so that you can continue using your transaction mails without worrying. We will publish a new API Documentation.

The rights management system for sub-accounts was updated. Roles can now be created and distributed as you see fit. The management of user rights has become more granular and eases teamwork.

More Efficient Contact Management

Do you have more than one contact list that you’d like to be able to manage from a single account? Thanks to the brand new, separate Address Book feature, you’ll be able to manage address books completely independently of one another. The registration and unsubscription from one address book has no effect on the others, for example. This makes it easy to manage more than one online shop or news groups from a single Newsletter2Go Account.

Customize your newsletter registration forms to the last detail, and include your own corporate design. The design possibilities for registration forms and Double Opt-in mails have been expanded, while editing the forms themselves remains as easy as ever. It is also now possible to host the registration form on your website as a pop-up form, helping you drive even more newsletter subscriptions.

All contacts will now receive a unique, automatically generated Contact Rating. The rating shows you the quality of your contact. It is calculated from 0-5 and is based on the activity levels of your contact, and how often they’ve interacted with your emails – how often they’ve opened, clicked, or otherwise interacted. This rating can then be used as an identifying trait, allowing you to sort your contacts into similar groups based on their quality.

contact management

All of the information about individual contacts will be listed in one place, the Contact Profile tab. Not only where and when the contact subscribed to your newsletter, but also their entire interaction history. Learn which emails the contact has received and opened. This can be of particular interest to smaller and medium sized businesses.

Searching and sorting contacts is simpler and more easily viewable. You can sort your contacts based on identifying traits. These traits have also been expanded to include different kinds of text-based traits (Free text, Email, Color, URL, Phone number), Numbers (Total number, decimal points), Dates (Date, Date and Time, Time) as well as Yes/No traits.

Personalization and Segmentation for individual Emails

Newsletter2Go’s high-performance personalization options were expanded. Using design blocks, you can now completely personalize nearly every aspect of your newsletter. The design block personalization will make it possible to show different content to different target groups using the same newsletter.

This means, for example, that you can show women different content than men. This will save you a lot of time and effort, minimizing the number of newsletters that you have to send to reach all of your target groups.

The A/B tests in the new newsletter software are more high performance than ever before. You can now test entire versions of newsletters against one another. Up to 9 different variants can be tested against one another, and the winner is then automatically sent to the rest of your address book. You can test subject, sender name, as well as content.

The reports now offer more comparison functionality. You can sort your newsletters’ performances against one another, and using multivariate clustering can compare the email’s performance within one target group to other groups.

All information regarding migrating your account to the new software can be found here.

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