Newsletter2Go Relaunch: Migrating Your Account

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Newsletter2Go Relaunch: What You Need to Know

The migration of pre-existing accounts will be possible beginning on April 20. Beginning on the 20th, there will be a menu in your account that will let you request a migration. As soon as the migration is complete, you’ll receive a notification.

Please note: Because the updated newsletter editor is completely new and is hosted on different technology than our existing editor, it will not be possible to transfer your newsletter templates and newsletters to the software.  An exception is if you’ve ordered premium templates, which can be transferred to the new software. Any changes you’ve made to the premium templates, however, cannot be transferred.

Overview of All Changes

Migration is Possible:

  • Email Credits
  • Contacts
  • Groups
  • Traits/Data Fields
  • Premium Templates (without your custom updates)
  • 1 Click Product Transfer / 1 Click Content Transfer
  • Reports
  • Integrations and Plug-ins beginning from Version 3.0.0

Migration not Possible:

  • Custom Emails
  • Custom Templates
  • Series Mailings (for example DOI Newsletters and Welcome Emails)
  • Sub-users

Other Changes:

  • New Credit Payback System
  • New API Documentation
  • No more SMS

Still Available:

  • Free Software
  • Free Premium Support
  • 1,000 Free Emails Every Month

Will the prices change?

No. The price for email packages (Subscription and Prepaid) will remain the same.

The new Credit Paybacks, however, will provide you with an additional cost benefit. If your newsletters perform above the average for your industry, you will receive a portion of the costs back as credit.

The email marketing software itself will remain free to use, and our professional and friendly support will be happy to answer any questions you might have, via phone or email, at no extra cost.

What happens when I migrate my account to the new platform?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer your pre-existing emails and templates into the new software. This is because we’ve completely redesigned the editor, and it relies on a totally new and updated technology.

You can transfer your purchased premium templates to the new software. Your reports will also me migrated automatically to the new software, along with your email archive. In order for emails that you send with the new software to be included, you’ll need to make small changes to the archive’s code. We’ll provide you with this information as soon as possible.

Most integrations that you’ve set up for Newsletter2Go can continue to be used, including 1 Click Product Transfer and 1 Click Content Transfer. There are some exceptions for older versions, however. We’ll provide updated versions for all integrations as soon after the relaunch as possible. This affects the following integrations: Afterbuy, Shopify, WooCommerce, commerce:seo, zencart, opencart, salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, cobra CRM und Sugar CRM.

Users of the Newsletter2Go REST-API should take note that the API calls will change. We will provide you with a new API documentation. Initially, however, the current API will still work. The changes will only affect already migrated accounts.

Newsletter2Go will no longer offer SMS sending functionality. Emails have also deeply penetrated mobile devices, making SMS newsletters less of a priority. We remain committed to our mobile-first mission, and ensuring that your emails are perfectly displayed on every device.

Tips for Migrating Your Account: If you’ve embedded registration forms on your website, you’ll need to exchange these with new forms, as the embed code has changed.

If you’ve connected via the API, you’ll need to modify the API calls, because the authentication and the calls have changed.

In both cases, we recommend the following actions:

  1. Create a new Newsletter2Go account (you can use the same email address that you’ve used for the old account)
  2. Create / Update registration forms and API calls using the new account
  3. Migrate your old account onto the new platform once the registration forms and/or API calls have been updated.

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