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Create Professional Newsletters: it’s Easy

Drive Sales with Professional Email Marketing Campaigns

How can I create my own Newsletter?

Creating emails with Newsletter2Go’s free Email marketing software is extremely easy. Work from the Cloud – anywhere, anytime – and take advantage of more than 50 professional Newsletter templates, all for free. There is no limit to your design potential with our versatile Newsletter Editor.

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most successful methods to drive sales and raise brand awareness. Newsletter2Go’s Email marketing software is secure, reliable and high-performance. Create interactive, clickable HTML newsletters that feature your best products and content.

Create a Newsletter – A Tutorial in 7 Steps

Extra: Creating a Newsletter Tips & Tricks

  1. Newsletter Design Tips
  2. Newsletter Construction Tips
In contrast to private Email accounts, the Newsletter2Go Email Marketing Software  has its own dispatch architecture. We send your emails through our own secure Whitelisted servers, meaning that your newsletters are never checked by Spam Filters and arrive directly in your customers’ inboxes.

Create Your own Professional Newsletter Now

Newsletter2Go offers high-performance and versatile Email Marketing Software for a reasonable price. Register for free to try our Newsletter Tool without risks or commitments. In addition to our powerful Newsletter Editor, all users receive 1,000 Emails per month for free.

Design Great-Looking Newsletters with a Few Clicks

Create Email Marketing newsletters that look and behave exactly like you want them to. Learn how to create and send professional, personalized Newsletters in only 7 Steps below:

1) Enter Sender Information

Choose a sender address, which can be your own email address or another one of your choosing. In this step you also select your Subject and, if you want, a Pre-header that is displayed underneath the subject line.

Info: Although the email address that you enter is your own, the newsletter is actually sent via our secure servers.

The Pre-header is the text preview that your recipients are shown as soon as they receive the Email. Include information and inducements in the Pre-header that you couldn’t fit in the subject line.

Free Newsletter Templates

2) Select a Template

Next, choose a template from over 50 free template designs. Or if you’d prefer, start from scratch and build your own. All of the pre-existing Templates include Responsive Design, meaning that they automatically adjust their display for mobile devices. Your newsletter will look perfect on every device – desktop, tablet, or mobile.

All of our templates are built using the Block Principle, which means that you are free to move blocks of text and photos however you would like. Use our free Newsletter Editor to create a totally personalized newsletter with only a few clicks.

Tip: It is best to stick to a consistent design when creating your newsletters. If you’d prefer, we can design a custom Premium Newsletter Template for you. WIth a Premium Template, you can take advantage of the powerful 1 Click Product Transfer and 1 Click Content Transfer functions, which allow you to import pictures, prices and information directly into your newsletter. A Client Test helps ensure that your newsletter looks right in every Email service provider

3) Insert and Edit Images

Next, insert Images into the newsletter. Images are crucial: they generate interest, clicks, and ultimately sales. Try using a teaser photo at the top of your newsletter that gets your customers’ attention and persuades them to scroll down. Or if you’d prefer, use a beautiful image as your newsletter background.

Once you’ve imported Images, edit and resize them to fit your needs. Create an Image Map that allows customers to click on different areas of the image to access information. The choice is yours: Newsletter2Go offers unlimited image hosting, meaning you can add and store as many photos in your newsletter as you want.

Tip: A Call to Action (e.g. “Redeem Your Code Now!”) in the teaser photo helps generate clicks.

4) Add and Edit Text

Insert and edit text in your newsletter. Text can be formatted in blocks, rows, or columns.

The Newsletter Editor allows you to intuitively edit and customize text the same way you do in programs like Microsoft Word. In addition to all of the standard fonts, the Newsletter Editor also supports certain Web fonts.

Tip: Increase your open and click rates by personalizing the newsletter text, for example by using the your customer’s name in the greeting (Dear Mr. Smith). The personalization placeholder is filled automatically when you send the newsletter.

5) Insert Products with 1 Click

In addition to images and text, you can also include products and content from your own webshop or CMS in your newsletter. Take advantage of one of our free Plug-ins, which allow you to transfer information with just one click. If you prefer, you can also order a Premium Newsletter Template to use both the 1 Click Product Transfer and 1 Click Content Transfer functions.

The 1 Click Product Transfer function inserts product information, photos and prices directly into your newsletter. The 1 Click Content Transfer function allows you to insert content like CMS Systems into your newsletter with only one click.

Tip: The useful 1 Click Product Transfer allows you to transfer current product information directly into your newsletter. This saves you time, and by giving the right information at the right time to the right people, you can drive clicks and sales. Supercharge your Email marketing campaign with this powerful feature!

6) Unsubscribe Link, Web Version & Imprint

Most jurisdictions require that marketing newsletters include an Imprint as well as an Unsubscribe button. For your convenience, your organization’s imprint is automatically included at the bottom of all of your newsletters.

Newsletter2Go also offers its own automatic Unsubscribe Management feature, which you can put at the bottom of your newsletter. If recipients click on the link, they are automatically removed from future newsletters, meaning that you don’t need to manually remove them from your address book.

We also automatically include a link to the Web Version of your newsletter. This enables users who cannot open the newsletter on their device to read a perfect version in their web browser.

Tip: Use our free registration form to register new users. If you would like to incorporate your own Corporate Design, we will gladly build custom Registration and Unsubscribe forms for you. Use this option for a consistent user experience – from the minute that a customer registers!
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7) Send Your Newsletter

Congrats, you’re almost ready to send! Before you do, make sure to use Newsletter2Go’s Link-Test, Spam-Test and a free Test Newsletter. These tools ensure that all of your links are working, that your newsletter won’t be flagged as Spam and that the personalized placeholders work correctly.

Upload Recipients

It’s easy to create and add recipients with Newsletter2Go. Upload lists via Excel or CSV, or use our API and Plug-ins to import contacts from your Webshop.

You’ve Sent – but You’re Not Done!

One of best aspects of Email marketing is that you can precisely measure your success. Use our powerful analytical tools to track your newsletter in real time. Learn which products and content are most popular, see where people clicked on your Image Maps, and track conversion rates. Use our analytical tools to optimize your Email marketing campaign, convert customers and drive sales!

Tip: Use our Client Testing function to make sure that all of your recipients see an optomized version of your newsletter.

Tips to Create a Great Newsletter

Use our tips to design an effective and legally compliant Newsletter. We’ve put together a list of the most important tips for you below:

Tips to Design Your Newsletter

  1. Relevant Content: Your Newsletter needs to grab the attention of readers, both with content and images.
  2. Responsive Design: Use our Responsive Design templates to ensure that your newsletter displays correctly on mobile devces.
  3. Above the fold: Put your most important content front-and-center.
  4. Call to Action: A call to action, either in a button or teaser image, is an effective way to generate clicks.
  5. Contrast: Use contrast to ensure that your clickable content visually pops on the screen.
  6. Colors: Use the right colors: red, orange and yellow are exciting. Green, Lilac Black and Blue are comforting and relaxing.
  7. Keep it simple: Don’t overload your newsletter, and make sure that you don’t hide important content.

Tips to Build Your Newsletter

  1. Avoid Display Failures: Newsletters that don’t look right aren’t effective. Use our Templates and/or test the newsletter before you send.
  2. Content Display: All content should be visible without scrolling. Don’t go over 600 pixels wide.
  3. Lifecycle Mailing: Use automatic mailing to get the right content to the right people at the right time.
  4. Use Plug-ins: Save time and money by using our Plug-ins to automatically import contacts, product information and content.
  5. Segment Recipients: Create Groups to send personalized newsletters with individualized content and information.
  6. Stay Legally Compliant: Your newsletter must always contain an Unsubscribe link and a link to your imprint.

Learn more about creating effective newsletters in our Whitepaper:


With Newsletter2Go you can design, create, send and analyze newsletter campaigns – for free.

All of our customers receive 1,000 Emails every month, totally free. Take your Email Marketing to the next level now – with Newsletter2Go!

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