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Successful Email Marketing

One of the most profitable online marketing
channels is placed under the microscope.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a modern form of direct marketing. Emails pertaining to sales or information are sent to existing recipients with the goal that sales and customer relationships can be increased in the long term.

In contrast to classic mass-marketing, direct marketing benefits from the safety of having targeted groups of recipients, because the enrolled recipients can be easily organised (e.g. gender, age, buying habits).

Therefore it works on this principle: the more information that is known about the recipient, the more exactly the target groups can be divided up and individually addressed (e.g. a fourteen year old boy will probably not be interested in pink high heels, but probably would be interested in size 39 football boots).

Email marketing
is therefore a very important channel of revenue that not only draws attention to the product, but also actively sells it and aims to reactivate existing customers.

Advantages of email marketing:

Email marketing is a digital form of direct marketing. Sending mail by post or making contact on the phone also counts as direct marketing but is fundamentally more expensive. To compare: sending a letter (although variable according to weight) costs between 36 and 101 cents. An email, however, costs only 0.03 – 0.5 cents. The difference in price is enormous (Source: Newsletter2Go) and email marketing is therefore much better value for money.

Another advantage is that the success can be measured more effectively. For example, you can see the number of newsletter recipients that have opened, clicked on and bought from the email. With offline mail systems these figures are uncertain and can only be researched at great expense with customer surveys.

Furthermore, email marketing is scalable. It is no problem to draft and send an email campaign to several million recipients; and all within a few minutes. With the postal system this would take longer because of the time required to print alone.

A traditional letter can only be collected from your post box, opened and read at home. This is where an email strikes back. Emails can be read anywhere. The only prerequisite is an internet connection.

E-Mail Marketing contra Postbrief

Email marketing is more efficient, faster, more mobile and more easily evaluated than the traditional letter. Links to products and websites can be easily built in. The only thing that’s missing is the physical contact.

Prerequisites for email marketing.

The basic prerequisite for email marketing is to have an email address portfolio that is updated and maintained as best as possible. By maintained, it is meant that the email addresses are legally acquired (Double-Opt-In registration to a newsletter) and that the addresses are used regularly, whilst inactive or deleted email addresses are disposed of. (Learn more about Bounce management.)

Example email addresses

Developing an address portfolio:

If you are standing in front of your first email marketing campaign, you are probably asking yourself how you can create a sustainable and decent address portfolio. There are several possibilities:

  • Build a ‘Newsletter Registration Form’ into your website. (Newsletter2Go has a free form generator
    that is available to all.)
  • Promote your free newsletter during the sales process.
  • Hold competitions to generate addresses (on your own website or Facebook fan page).
  • Buying in addresses is not recommended as there is no guarantee that these recipients will be interested in your product. In all cases, addresses must be bought from genuine sources.

What can email marketing be used for?

With email marketing, existing and interested customers can be addressed directly. This means that a new product or a long-term promotion can be promoted. Through clever implementation of so-called Lifecycle Mailings existing customers can be targeted and addressed more efficiently.

With that in mind, mass-emails will not be sent to all recipients but rather will be sent to all suitable recipients according to certain criteria (last purchase, last interaction with that brand or product).

In this way you can ensure that each recipient receives the correct content at the correct time and therefore ensure that the relevance and success prospects for a sale are as high as possible. With Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software, Lifecycle und Trigger- Email Marketing are equally simple.

Lifecycle Newsletters

But email marketing is not only suitable for E-Commerce and individuals. It is also a fundamental element for Societies to enable them to keep their members up to date. Likewise, the sending of emails is important for online apps. This allows login data to be sent quickly and immediately, which is very important for the use of online software.

10 Basic rules of email marketing:

1. Pay attention to high delivery rates:

Use certified email marketing software (like Newsletter2Go) so that your emails don’t get checked for spam, but rather get delivered straight to the recipient’s inbox. This greatly increases the delivery rate. To do this, watch out for the logos of the Certified Senders Alliance or Return Path. Newsletter2Go is certified with both partners. It is also always advisable to send emails from your own server.

2. Optimise your sender information fields:

The sender information fields consist of the sender name and the subject, and this is your sales pitch to convince the recipient to open the email. Make sure you are creative and use eye-catching phrases to draw attention to your email and persuade the recipient to open it. Be sure also to use the A/B test emails to optimise the open rates. With Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software you can use this for free.

Professional Newsletter Dispatch

3. The right time:

Check whether your recipients are end-users (B2C) or traders (B2B). As a general rule: B2B: Mon-Fri mornings; B2C: Mon-Son mornings or evenings. The right time for you is whenever your recipients are online. Test your mailings at various times and compare the open rates of your email campaigns.

4. Width of your newsletter:

When creating your newsletter, pay attention to the dimensions. The width cannot exceed 600 pixels.

5. Above the fold:

Important content should be located in the top areas of the newsletter, without having to scroll down first.

6. Correct presentation:

During the formatting of your newsletter make sure that the presentation is correct for all of your email clients. With Newsletter2Go you have the option of testing your newsletter with more than 30 clients. You can therefore be sure that your newsletter will be presented correctly on all clients. Furthermore, there are more than 50 free templates available for your use.

7. Relevant, suitable content:

Work with suitable images and create coloured buttons that stand out. Get your customers involved with just one click.

8. Mobile-optimised newsletters:

Because more than 50% of the newsletters are opened on mobile devices, it is important to use the responsive Newsletter Design. This guarantees a greater readability on smartphones and tablets.

Responsive newsletter design

9. Lifecycle Mailings:

With Lifecycle Mailings you can send emails at the right time to the right person, according to their lifecycle. And all completely automatically. Increase your turnover and customer satisfaction in one go. With Newsletter2Go’s software, Lifecycle Campaigns are easy to establish and should not be missing from your email campaign.

10. Test, evaluate and optimise:

After every newsletter campaign sent with Newsletter2Go, the most important numbers are evaluated. These are available to you in the form of a Real-time Report and they will help to measure and optimise the success of your email marketing campaign.

The email marketing sales funnel:

Delivery Rate: Use a certified email marketing software. This increases the delivery rate notably. Furthermore, make sure you use German providers with relevant CSA certification. This will yield high delivery rates with many German email addresses (, etc.). Read Tip 1 for more info.

Open Rate: Optimise the sender name and subject line. The time of sending is also decisive in the success. Read Tip 2 and Tip 3 for more info.

Click rate: Pay attention to suitable presentation and content. See Tips 4,5,6,7,8,9,10 for more info.

Conversion Rate: Always keep the conversion rate in mind when working on your newsletters. The conversion rate is influenced primarily by your shop or by the relevant landing pages.

Email marketing funnel
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