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Automated Newsletters Will Grow Your Business

Let Automated Emails Do the Work for You

Automated Newsletters Mean More Relevance

The goal of every email marketer is to send relevant emails. Emails with relevant content are opened more often, clicked more often, and are more likely to lead to sales and conversions.

One of the most effective ways for email marketers to increase the relevance of their emails is by sending automated newsletters. These automated communication flows engage individual contacts with the types of content that they’re most likely to find relevant.

Newsletter2Go offers a range of totally free automation products, from purchase follow-ups to welcome emails to birthday wishes.

Lifecycle Newsletters

Automated Emails Drive Sales

If you’re an e-commerce business, it’s important to engage with customers at all points of the customer life cycle: pre-purchase, immediately post-purchase, and then regularly thereafter.

Automated email flows not only help convert non-buyers into paying customers, but can also drive sales amongst existing customers.

It works like this: let’s say a customer purchased Product A. He or she will receive an automated follow-up email, of course. Where the automation kicks in is that a few days later, he or she will receive an automated newsletter containing a recommendation for Product B, because lots of people who’ve already bought Product A have also purchased Product B.

This kind of automated email marketing has been proven to drive sales. It only has to be set up once, and automated newsletters are sent regularly based on your customers’ behavior.

And the best thing? The marketing automation suite by Newsletter2Go is totally free. No setup fees or monthly costs apply.

Automated Email Marketing Improves Relevance

Automated email marketing means that you can send your contacts automated newsletters – so-called Lifecycle emails – according to their customer lifecycle. This fundamentally increases the relevance of your email because your contacts receive content that’s based on their specific behavior, interests, or purchase history.

For example, you could draft a reactivation campaign if you haven’t heard from customers in a while, or send a birthday email that’s sent automatically on the right day.

Automated Newsletters Save You Time

One of the biggest advantages of automated email marketing is that you’ll save a lot of time. It takes a little while to plan the best automation sequences, but once you do, you’ve only got to set everything up once.

After that, everything works automatically and you can focus your attention on other things.

These kinds of automated emails are more effective than the shot-gun approach, where random emails are send to random recipients. Set up your highly targeted automated email marketing campaign today!

The Details

Automated communication flows, including trigger emails, are simple to set up, and only need to be activated once. After that, the newsletters will be sent automatically.

You can track all of your automation newsletters in the Reports section of the user dashboard.

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