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Automatic Web Version

For cases where no images are
loaded in the newsletter

Advantages of the automatic web version:

  • Independent from email clients
  • Security in the display
  • Responsive Design for mobiles and tablets
  • Automatically generated

Our automatic web version in detail: 

For every one of your newsletters we automatically create a web version which you can link into your newsletter (‘Are you having problems reading this? Read our web version here‘).

This guarantees to you that the newsletter recipient always has access to a correct web version. Furthermore, you can link this to your website or to social media channels such as Facebook, for example. This enables you to pass on your message using email marketing.

As long as you use personalisations in your newsletter, these will be correctly implemented in the web version.

Automatic web version

This function of Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software is free for you to use. Register now and try it out.

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