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Raise Delivery Rates with Whitelisting

Use Our Whitelisted servers to effectively reach your audience

What is whitelisting?

When a server sends a newsletter, the IP address reads as ‘sender address’ on the newsletter. If another server accepts the newsletter (e.g. gmx.de), the sender address is checked.

But if the IP address of the sending server is on a whitelist, the newsletter is delivered straight to the inbox. If the IP address is not on a whitelist, then the address is checked first for spam. This leads to fewer emails being delivered and this decreases the delivery rate.

Email Marketing - Whitelisting

Newsletter2Go is whitelisted – with over 2.4 billion inboxes.

Newsletter2Go has access to over 2.4 billion inboxes and can deliver newsletters to these without the emails being checked for spam. Benefit from the highest delivery rates.

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Top delivery rates with the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA)

Newsletter2Go is a certified Partner of the Certified Senders Alliance.
This guarantees that your newsletters are delivered securely to the most important service providers in the DACH region, such as gmx.de, web.de, hotmail.de, Aol and many more.

Because of our certification your newsletters are not checked for spam but are delivered directly to the recipient’s inbox. This fundamentally increases the delivery rate of your newsletter campaign.

E-Mail-Marketing - Whitelisting

Get the best international delivery rates with Return Path

Return Path certification is recommended if you send many newsletters to international addresses. This enables you to send emails to inboxes internationally, e.g. hotmail or yahoo, without fear that they will be caught in spam filters.

For you this means even better delivery rates for international dispatch.

E-Mail-Marketing - Whitelisting

Improved delivery rates for international newsletters with ISIPP SuretyMail

In order to hit the email delivery mark with internet service providers (ISPs) such as AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and Earthlink, Newsletter2Go is also a certified partner of the ISIPP SuretyMail program.

Aside from achieving a higher delivery rate with dozens of other ISPs thanks to whitelisting, your emails also benefit from a bonus with spam filters. If your recipient’s inbox is protected by one of the following spam filters, the delivery rate will be increased. Supported spam filters include SpamAssassin, SpamCop und SURBL.

You can find more information about whitelisted ISPs and spam filter programs here.

ISIPP Certification

Signed Dispatch with DKIM, Sender ID and SPF

Sending ‘signed’ emails allows the validity of sender addresses to be clarified, which in turn leads to a lesser chance of spam checking and therefore a higher delivery rate.
With the use of a DKIM, SPF or Sender ID ‘signature’, the sender is also confirmed to be the owner of the relevant domain. This is used for email services such as Hotmail, outlook.com, MSN, Googlemail and Yahoo.

Individually dedicated and certified IPs from Newsletter2Go

Newsletter2Go has intelligent IP and whitelisting management which means that we can provide you with your own IP over which only your newsletters are sent.
You can keep those top delivery rates in the picture.

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