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Choose from Dozens of Free HTML Newsletter Templates

Why Use HTML Newsletter Templates?

Your Advantages:

  • They Look Awesome
  • Perfect Display on All Devices
  • Embed images, photos, and other media
  • Sophisticated tracking software

Why You Should Use HTML Templates:

HTML Newsletter Templates have a number of key advantages relative to normal emails that you create and send every day using an email client.

  • For one thing, they simply look better. Using HTML email templates allows you to design the email exactly how you want, and to make it look more like a website than a normal, boring email. See some examples here.
  • Embedded images and photos can be arranged exactly like you want. HTML email templates mean that your newsletter will look and feel exactly how you want. Images, photos, and other media can be embedded directly in your email, rather than being slapped on as an attachment.
  • HTML Newsletter Templates can be tracked. When’s the last time you used an email client (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) to see exactly which links were clicked in your email? You haven’t ever done it, right? That’s because only HTML templates can take advantage of sophisticated tracking technology that shows you all relevant statistics: whether your newsletter was delivered; who opened it and where they’re located; where people clicked; and who unsubscribed.
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You’d prefer a personalized Template using your Corporate Design?

If you want to use a custom template for your newsletter, you can request a Premium Template designed and programmed specially for you. We then create your premium newsletter template according to your corporate design. Make all of your newsletters look just as awesome as your website and order a premium template today!

Further Premium Features for Professional Email Marketing

Our Free HTML Newsletter Templates in Detail:

It’s easy to get your next email marketing campaign up and running with Newsletter2Go. We offer all of our users over 50 free HTML template designs. All of our templates include Responsive Design, ensuring that your newsletters look great on mobile devices as well as desktops.

You can customize the free HTML newsletter templates with your own Corporate Design and, using our innovative block-design system, build exactly the right newsletter for your Email marketing campaign.

Insert your logo or other images, change the color scheme, and include your best content. You have the choice of over 50 different newsletter templates that vary in structure. With Newsletter2Go’s professional Email marketing software, you’ll always have the right template, so no wishes remain unsatisfied.

We also offer all of our customers a number of occasion-specific templates (e.g. Birthday cards and Christmas notes). You can use these templates to effectively utilize a Lifecycle Email Campaign, which both retains and reactives customers.

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