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ISIPP SuretyMail IADB Email Whitelisting

Advantages of Newsletter2Go’s ISIPP whitelisting:

  • Whitelisting for Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL and more
  • Additional bonus for spam filters lke SpamAssassin, SpamCop & Co.
  • 100% free for all of our users

A Worlwide Whitelist for the Best Email Delivery Rates

As well as being certified by Return Path and the Certified Senders Alliance, Newsletter2Go is accredited with ISIPP SuretyMail. This ensures direct and whitelisted delivery to a vast number of internet service providers (ISP) such as AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, GoDaddy and many more.

Emails sent with Newsletter2Go’s newsletter sofware profit from certification with over 59 providers and ISPs. These providers also include various spam filters such as SpamAssassin, SpamCop and SURBL.

The ISIPP certification gives your emails an extra bonus if delivered to inboxes that are protected by the aforementioned spam filters. This will increase the reliability of the delivery.

Try out Newsletter2Go’s whitelisted sending architecture to achieve the ultimate email reliability – you will want for nothing! And the best part? Users of our email marketing software have access to this certfication for free.

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