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Bounce and Unsubscribe Rates

View Bounces and Unsubscribes in Real Time:

  • Updated in Real Time
  • Both bounces and unsubscriptions are tracked
  • Bounces and Unsubscribes are marked on your contact list
Bounce and Unsubscribe Rates

Quality Indicators for your Email Marketing

Tracking the bounce and unsubscribe rates:

If an email address in your contact list can’t be delivered, this is shown as a ‘bounce’. In other words, this is an email that could not be delivered, either because the address no longer exists or because the inbox is full. Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software gives you detailed information about the bounce rates you experience. This is an important quality indicator for your recipient lists.

Unsubscribe rate:

If a contact unsubscribes using the automatically generated unsubscribe link, this address is automatically filtered out of Newsletter2Go and blocked from future newsletter dispatches.

The unsubscribe rate is the total sum of all unsubscriptions divided by the number of recipients in the newsletter campaign.

The unsubscribe rate of your newsletter informs you as to how good the content was. Newsletter2Go’s newsletter software takes care of the bounce and unsubscribe management fully automatically.

For every newsletter that you send, you receive a detailed evaluation of the bounce rate, i.e. the percentage of emails that could not be delivered, and of the unsubscribe rate, i.e. the percentage of recipients who have unsubscribed from your newsletter.

If you use our automatically generated unsubscribe link on our unsubscribe page, your contactshave the chance to give a reason for unsubscribing.

This gives you an indication of the weaknesses of your newsletter, e.g. you are sending too many newsletters or the content is of little or no interest to your contacts. Bounce and unsubscribe rates are nobody’s favorite part of email marketing, but you can collect data and use it to make even better email campaigns.

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