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Professional Newsletter Dispatch

Ensure that your emails arrive where and when you want them to

Top performance and reliability in sending emails

Newsletter2Go’s sending system stands out through its reliability and durability. With a sending capability of 3 million emails an hour and an average delivery rate of 99.9%, Newsletter2Go’s sending architecture is at the forefront of the industry worldwide.

If specifically requested we can offer large businesses individual solutions and access to our sending architecture.

Thanks to multiple certifications Newsletter2Go can deliver to up to 2.5 billion recipient inboxes directly without the emails being checked for spam.

Certified Newsletter dispatch

A/B split-test dispatch (up to 9 variants)

Optimise your newsletter with just a few clicks. With the A/B split-test emails by Newsletter2Go you can test up to 9 variants against each other. The most successful variant will automatically be sent to the remaining selected recipients.

Professional Newsletter Dispatch

Personalised newsletter dispatch

With Newsletter2Go’s personalisation options you can address each customer as personally as is possible. Personalise the subject, the address or even the images. This has been proven to increase the open rates and click rates of newsletters and therefore will increase the success of your newsletter campaign. With Newsletter2Go’s email marketing software this is possible in just a few clicks.

Free test-send and Responsive Design in your newsletters

Before sending your newsletter to all recipients it is highly recommended that you run a free test to check for spelling and display issues.

With our newsletter software you can send to up to 10 test addresses. Furthermore, you can also activate client testing. This gives you the possibility of obtaining a live preview in 30 different web clients.

More than 50% of all emails are read on mobile devices. This is reason enough to send optimised newsletters. With Newsletter2Go this is not a problem. The Newsletter2Go newsletter tool automatically optimises emails so that they are properly displayed on mobile end-devices and that display errors do not occur or portions of the content are not cut out. This will yield better click rates on smart phones.

Responsive newsletter design
Advantages of Newsletter2Go Premium Templates:

With your own Premium Newsletter Templates in your Corporate Design, your email marketing campaigns are easily recognizable and lead to more Opens and Clicks. Premium Templates also offer our 1 Click Product Transfer and 1 Click Content Transfer functions, making it easy to import photos, pictures, and information directly from your website into your newsletter. With just one click.

Time-controlled and automated email dispatch

With Newsletter2Go’s professional newsletter tool it is easy to delay the dispatch of your newsletters. This means that your email can be sent at a given time on a given date, instead of immediately.

With this function you can also create lifecycle und trigger email campaigns. This automates your email marketing and allows newsletters to be sent according to certain rules and actions. This will maximise your customer lifetime value in the long-term.

Newsletter Email Marketing software always offers automated email marketing services. Trigger and Lifecycle marketing emails can be set up to automatically contact your recipients when certain conditions are met, e.g. birthdays or inactivity. It is also possible to affordably create and send SMS marketing messages.

Controlled / checked sending

Before emails are sent off they should be checked one more time for mistakes. So that this is as easy as possible, the Newsletter2Go software checks – among other things – all links contained in the email with one click. Check, in one fell swoop, whether all the links have been entered correctly and that the link destinations are all accessible.

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