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Contact Traits

Segment your contacts for target group-specific email marketing:

  • Import and create as many identifying traits as you need
  • Diverse range of trait types (e.g. number, date, type, etc.)
  • Perfect for building and segmenting groups
Contact traits

Precision targeted email marketing with contact traits

For every newsletter contact that you import or create, you can add identifying traits to their profile. These traits can be, for example: gender, age, purchase history, etc. Use the traits to segment your contacts into groups based on individual traits, or collections of traits.

This lets you, for example, create groups filled with men who have made a purchase of a certain product within the last 6 months. Use this information to send targeted newsletters with content, offers, or information that particular sets of contacts will find most interesting.

Targeted email campaigns, with content that individual contacts are most likely to find interesting and/or relevant, will lead to better open rates, click rates, and conversions. This will generate leads and, ultimately, drive sales. Use the Newsletter2Go newsletter software to create and manage success-driving contact traits!

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