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Grow Your Business through Better Recipient Segmentation

Send the right content to the right people at the right time. Segment your contact list by  common traits. It’s easy to do with Newsletter2Go Email marketing software. Drive traffic and conversions by sending group-specific content or offers.

Newsletter2Go’s high-performance Email Marketing Software allows you to quickly and securely upload lists of recipients and to easily segment them into groups. Dynamic groups are updated automatically, saving you time and allowing you to concentrate on what’s important: growing your business.

Always work with the right data – and save yourself time and money with the Newsletter2Go Recipient Management system.
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Automatically Sync your E-Commerce, Website, or CRM

We offer a number of third-party Plug-Ins and a high-performance REST API that make it easy to manage recipient imports no matter what system you’re using. Contacts and customers are automatically updated every day, meaning you never have to worry about keeping your lists up to date.  Check out the full list of our integrations here. Don’t see your system? Let us know and we’ll build it for you!

Separate Address Books

Separate Address Books:

Create and manage as many address books as you’d like. The address books are totally independent of one another. Registrations and unsubscribes from one address book are not carried over into others, meaning that you can create and maintain lists from multiple newsletters from your central Newsletter2Go account. Contacts can unsubscribe from one list, and remain subscribers to the rest of your newsletters.

Group Management

Newsletter2Go allows you to segment your contact lists into groups. There are two types of groups in Newsletter2Go’s Recipient Management system:

Static Groups: Static groups are manually edited and updated. For example, if you create a static group of male contacts, the size of this group will not automatically include recipients uploaded to the Newsletter2Go system unless you manually add them to the group.

Auto-Update Groups: Auto-Update groups are defined by you based on desired traits and conditions. For example, you can create a condition that Group A should contain all male recipients. All of your contact lists will be automatically scanned, and all males will be added to Group A. As soon as a new male recipient is uploaded, he will automatically become part of Group A.

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Contact Duplicate Check

Automatic Duplicate Check

With the right email marketing software, you’ll never need to worry about double entries in your contact or group lists ever again. Because both before you send, and while you’re uploading new contacts, the addresses in your Newsletter2Go account are checked against one another and against all of your already-imported addresses.

If a contact that you’re uploading into the system already exists, all of the additional information will be automatically added to the pre-existing contact. This makes sure that contacts aren’t doubled, and that your contact lists are brought up to date with all of the information available.

Legally Compliant Recipient Management

Newsletter2Go’s Email marketing software ensures that you remain legally compliant. The Double Opt-In Registration form is legally compliant and secure, ensuring that your newsletter campaign only reaches those who have registered through the two-step system. Automatic Unsubscribe Management: If recipients unsubscribe from your newsletter, their information will automatically be updated in our system. Automatic Bounce Management: If your newsletter bounces from an inbox that no longer exists, the Newsletter2Go software will automatically update its system.

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Contact History and Rating

Contact Rating and Contact History:

Newsletter2Go automatically generates a contact rating for all of your contacts. The rating is based on 0-5 and is based on the activity level of your contacts: how many emails they’ve received, and whether they’ve interacted with the newsletters. The more your contact has interacted with your newsletters, the higher the rating.

You can also easily view the activity history of every contact: when they subscribed, how many newsletters they’ve been sent, and how often they’ve clicked within the newsletters. This lets you learn about your contacts, and gives you data-driven insights that you can bring back into your business.


With Newsletter2Go you can drive sales, connect with customers, and raise awareness. It’s easy.

All of our customers receive 1,000 Emails every month, totally free. Take your Email Marketing to the next level now – with Newsletter2Go!

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