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Send Newsletters with DKIM, Sender ID and SPF Signatures

Send Certified Newsletters for Top Delivery Rates:

  • Improved delivery rates
  • Secure, authenticated dispatch
  • Decreases spam probability
  • Feature is 100% free for all users

Send Authenticated Newsletters for Top Delivery Rates

With Newsletter2Go’s newsletter software you can sign emails by using an SPF entry, a Sender ID or the DKIM feature. This proves the authenticity of the sender (i.e. you!). It will increase the likelihood that your emails will be delivered, because it decreases the likelihood that spam filters will catch the newsletter.

The Sender ID process uses a DNS entry in the customer’s domain, which allows Newsletter2Go’s mail servers to use a sender address from that domain.

Same goes for DKIM. A DNS entry is placed into the relevant domain, meaning that all newsletters sent from this domain are authenticated.

In addition to our own sending certifications, our email marketing software enables you to set up your own Sender ID and DKIM entries, meaning that your newsletters will be delivered to the right person at the right time – every time.

Premium Features for Personalized Email Marketing:

Email Client Testing to ensure that your newsletters display perfectly in every email program
Custom Newsletter Templates in Your Corporate Design

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