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Send SMS Newsletters Worldwide

Reach Your Customers – Wherever They Are

SMS mass distribution with personalised greetings

With Newsletter2Go’s direct marketing software it’s easy to send SMS newsletters to your recipients. Just import your recipients and their mobile numbers.

Once you have selected a new SMS campaign you can enter the text of the SMS. As long as your recipient data also contains the recipient’s title, name and surname, you can implement a personalised greeting in the message. This makes your message stand out.

Worldwide SMS mass distribution – as many as you like

Send SMS messages to as many recipients as you like. And they can be sent worldwide. With Newsletter2Go’s software this is no problem.

Tip: You can also use our high-performance REST-API to send SMS newsletters automatically from your CMS. We are looking forward to hearing from you should you have any questions.

Worldwide SMS Newsletters

An excellent addition to your direct marketing campaign

Expand your direct marketing channel with SMS marketing. You could, for example, inform your customers about attractive and limited offers.

SMS marketing gives you the possibility of avoiding the competition of other email newsletters by placing your message directly on the home page of the recipient’s smart phone.

Send SMS Newsletters worldwide

Branded SMS newsletters with SMS-plus

With Newsletter2Go you can send SMS newsletters whereby the company name appears in place of the mobile phone number. This allows you to implement branding on the recipient’s home page.

Your recipients will know immediately who the email is from. For example, why not send dispatch confirmations to your customers? They will be impressed with your service.

Plan your SMS campaigns

Just as with email marketing campaigns, the Newsletter2Go SMS sending tool gives you the option of sending your SMS marketing campaign using time-controlled dispatch. With this you can send your SMS immediately or at a planned dispatch time. This function is particularly useful if you want to plan long-term SMS campaigns.

SMS Scheduling

Send SMS newsletters at affordable prices

Send your SMS newsletters at affordable prices. Newsletter2Go offers you this in 2 tariff options. Use the SMS Basic or SMS Plus tariff package and send your newsletter from as little as 2.7 cents. Learn more here about prices and the attractive conditions that Newsletter2Go offers you for sending SMS newsletters.

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