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How can I use conversion tracking with Newsletter2Go?

When you create a new newsletter and go to step 5 ‘Send’, you will find ‘Track opens, links and conversions’. Under this you can turn on the conversion tracking.


So that conversion tracking works properly you need to add the following javascript to your target page (e.g. order confirmation). See Google Tag Manager for an alternative solution.


<script type="text/javascript" src="https://www.newsletter2go.de/pr/conversion/nl2goconversion.js"></script>


After the target page has been loaded (or, for example, someone clicked on a Submit button), the function: nl2goconversion() has to be called up. For example:

<body onload="nl2goconversion()">


Other information can also be added to this function if extra information is required: nl2goconversions(options)

var options = {'product' : [
{name: "product1", number: 5, amount: 20.55, description: "short description for product1"}, 
{name: "product2", number: 1, amount: 5.99, description: "short description for product2"}


Moreover, you can also add a description of the article purchased, as well as the total sum and the number of articles.


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