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Newsletter Template Examples Overview

Use these newsletter template examples for your next email campaign

Premium Newsletter Templates

The newsletter examples in the following pages will prove what you probably already know: great newsletter design is a central element of your email marketing campaign’s success. Attractive newsletter layouts, with easy to follow visual and textual boundaries, will allow you to speak more directly and effectively with your newsletter subscribers.

We’ve collected some of our favorite newsletter template examples in the next few pages, each of them designed not only for an individual firm, but for an entire industry. The email design for a hip club is going to look different, after all, than for an interior designer.

Did you know that newsletters in your corporate design can raise your brand-recognition factor amongst your target groups? That’s right: your newsletter design can play a crucial role in your company’s brand, and everything that entails. It can trigger feelings of loyalty, inspiration, trust, and – most importantly – can directly lead to sales!

Newsletter Examples for Every Occasion

Our example newsletter formats include newsletters from a number of different senders and target groups. All of the templates were hand-coded by professional designers and tested heavily. All of the newsletter examples were tested, for example, in more than 36 different email clients to ensure that they’ll be displayed perfectly.

Once we’ve designed the newsletter layout for you, it’s incredibly easy to insert your own content, images, and/or product information. You can add images via the media gallery with just a single click, or drag and drop images directly into the newsletter with our easy to use newsletter editor.

If you’d like, you can also order a custom e-commerce integration along with the template. With the 1 Click Product Transfer feature, you can insert product images, descriptions, prices, and titles directly into your newsletter with just one click. Many of the newsletter examples here include this awesome feature. It’s a perfect solution for E-commerce companies.

1 Click Product Transfer
Personalized Registration and Unsubscribe Sites

Newsletter Design with Your Corporate Brand

Ideally, your customers recognize you and your corporate design with every contact – including your newsletters. Make sure to use the same corporate branding – logos, colors, images, etc. – with all of your communication channels. This means that your newsletter format should mirror your website, which mirrors your in-app interface…and so on.

Your corporate logo should be placed very prominently – as you can see in all of the newsletter examples here. Font, font size, color, and any prominent designs or images should also be consistent with your brand identity. Nothing could be worse than your customers opening a newsletter and unsubscribing because they aren’t sure who the sender is. The newsletter format should be a strength, rather than a potential liability, for all of your email campaigns.

Newsletter Design Tips

Newsletters are mostly sent as HTML emails these days. Sending it this way makes it possible to easily insert and arrange images, text, and links. It also means that it’s possible to include sophisticated newsletter tracking tools that let you analyze every single aspect of your newsletter’s performance.

More important than tracking, though, is what it means for your design. Make sure that you design all of your newsletters with a specific goal in mind. In the newsletter examples in the following pages, you can see that different firms have different goals in mind: to inspire sales; to set a certain mood; to generate clicks. What are your goals? Make sure you define them, and design your newsletter appropriately.

Use images, but not too many; don’t make the design too cluttered; put your best and most important content above the fold, e.g. at the top of the newsletter. And, most importantly, build in a prominent, decisive, clear Call to Action.

Responsive Design Newsletter Templates

Newsletters in Responsive Design

More than 50% of all emails are now read on mobile or tablet devices. This means that a newsletter that looks great on a desktop can look quite different on a smart phone. The solution is what’s called responsive design, a coding tool that automatically resizes newsletters to fit the screen where they’re being accessed.

All of the newsletter examples that you see here – and all of Newsletter2Go’s newsletter templates, period – are programmed using responsive design, so you’ll never have to worry. Your newsletters will display perfectly no matter what device they’re being accessed from.

Newsletter Template Examples for Interior Design

Display your taste for design with an attractive newsletter format

Begeta Newsletter

Newsletter Template Examples Perfect for Designers:

We copied Beganta’s website design down to the smallest details. Fonts, logos, layout, design and images were all included in their premium template. This ensures that Beganta’s customers have the same visual and online experience, regardless of whether they’re on Beganta’s website or checking their email.

Display on Desktop and Mobile Devices


Desktop Version

Below you can see the layout of the newsletter format for desktop. This concerns PC users with email programs like Outlook or Thunderbird, as well as those who use web-based email clients (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc).

Begeta Newsletter Desktop Version


Mobile Version

The presentation of the newsletter design in mobile and tablet view. The use of responsive design allows the newsletter to be automatically re-sized to perfectly suit the size of the mobile device on which it is opened.

Begeta Newsletter Mobile Version

Newsletter Template Examples for Outdoor Lifestyles

Let Us Bring Your Ideas to Life with Awesome Newsletter Designs

Outdoor Kompetenz

A Newsletter Template Example Perfect for the Outdoors:

Welcome to our first newsletter template example. For the company Outdoor Kompetenz we designed a template that is heavily influenced by the company’s shop design in order to create brand recognition. The example shows the email template on 2 different displays. The newsletter design was created using responsive design so that the layout automatically adjusts itself to the screen of the end-device used to open the newsletter.

How it Looks on Desktop and Mobile devices


Desktop Version

Outdoor Kompetenz - Desktop Version


Mobile Version

Outdoor Kompetenz - Mobile Version

Newsletter Template Examples for Retail

Let our design pros build you a custom newsletter design

Teegalerie Anno 1773

A Newsletter Example for Retail:

We created a premium template for the Tee Gallery Anno 1773, which they used in connection with their online shop. Beyond their menu structure, we also incorporated their website’s background and header graphics. It’s easy to import content from your e-commerce platform directly into a newsletter using the 1 Click Product Transfer feature.

Display on Mobile and Desktop devices


Desktop Version

Teegalerie Anno 1773 - Desktop-Version


Mobile Version

Teegalerie Anno 1773 - Mobile-Version

Newsletter Template Examples for the Food Industry

These newsletter template examples were created by our designers for the food industry

Edeka Newsletter

A Custom Newsletter Design:

The third is example is the online shop for the EDEKA grocery chain. We incorporated the basic design of their website for the template, including colors, font, logos and the layout. It’s easy to import content and product information, photos and prices directly into the newsletter. The responsive design template automatically adjusts for mobile and desktop display.

Display on Desktop and Mobile Devices


Desktop Version

Edeka Newsletter Desktop Version


Mobile Version

Edeka Newsletter Mobile Version

Newsletter Template Examples for Clubs

Share the excitement with an attractive newsletter layout

JamFM Newsletter

Newsletter Design That’s Perfect for Clubs:

We created a template for the PEARL Club based on a big celeberation of the Asian New Year. We delivered the design on short notice, and included photos and logos from PEARL’s own advertising and promotion material. All of our premium templates are coded using responsive design, meaning that they display correctly on desktop and mobile devices.

Display on Mobile and Desktop Devices


Desktop Version

JamFM Newsletter Desktop Version


Mobile Version

JamFM Newsletter Mobile Version

Newsletter Template Examples for Sporting Stores

Inspire your customers to get fit with these newsletter examples Newsletter

Email Design That’s Perfect for the Sporting Industry:

We created a premium template for the sports website anstoss24, with gear and special offers based on the upcoming football season. We included their colors, design and website layout. By using one of our dozens of Plug-ins, it’s easy to import product photos, information and prices. All of our templates are in responsive design, which means that they display perfectly on desktop and mobile devices.

Display on Mobile and Desktop Devices


Desktop Version Newsletter Desktop Version


Mobile Version Newsletter Mobile Version

Personalized Registration and Unsubscribe Sites

Improve your customer recognition with registration and unsubscribe sites in your design

Registration and Unsubscribe Sites

Personalized Registration and Unsubscribe Sites

The image at the left is an unsubscribe site for the fictional firm With registration and unsubscribe sites, we can design sites exactly how you’d like:

  • Backround and/or images
  • Firm Logo
  • Colors
  • Text and Font
  • Unsubscribe Reasons
  • Language
  • Further Design Dlements and Styles

If you’d like your own personalized registration or unsubscribe site, please get in touch. We’d be happy to give you a personalized offer!

Would you like to see any more template examples? Just click on the different tabs at the top to switch between examples. If you have any questions about templates or would like any more information, call our local phone number or send us an email. We are always happy to help!

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