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How do I install the Joomla Newsletter Plug-in?

Hint: In order to use the Joomla Plug-in, you need to create a Newsletter2Go account. If you don’t yet have an account, you can register for free here.

1. Download the Joomla Newsletter Plug-In

Download the Plug-in from our Plug-in Centre.

2. Installation the Plug-in

Log into the Administration view in your Joomla account.

Open the “Upload Package File” tab, which you can find in the Menu in “Extensions > Manage”

Click on “Choose File” and choose the Plug-in that you just downloaded.

Click on “Upload & Install”.

Joomla Newsletter Modul hochladen

3. Setting up the Plug-in in Joomla

Open the Newsletter2Go Plug-in Settings tab. You can find it in “Components > Newsletter2Go:

Joomla Newsletter Modul einrichten

3.1 Link with Newsletter2Go

Enter your API Key in the text field. If you don’t have an API Key, you can generate one in your Newsletter2Go account via “Settings > Plug-ins”. Generate an API Key.

3.2. Registration Form with Double Opt-In

If you haven’t yet created a registration form, you can create one in your Newsletter2Go account under “Settings > Registration Form.” Copy the Registration Form’s Double Opt-in Code and enter it in the Joomla Double Opt In Code text field.

3.3 Edit Registration Form (optional)

You can also change the settings of your Registration Form.

You can choose here, for example, which data fields you would like people to fill out, whether any should be option, and in what order the text fields appear.

4. Activating the Plug-in in Newsletter2Go

4.1 Log in to your Newsletter2Go account and click on Settings. Choose the “Plug-in” tab.

4.2 Click on “Set up new connection”.

4.3 You will find the Joomla Plug-in under “CMS Connections.”

4.4 A window will open. Enter the URL of your Joomla website as well as your Newsletter2Go API Key. You can choose here whether you would like your contacts to be synchronized every 24 hours. When you’ve entered the information, you can test the plug-in or complete the set-up.

If you have any questions, please give us a call or send an email to support.


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