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How do I setup the interface between Drupal and Newsletter2Go with the Drupal Newsletter Plugin?

Hint: To use the interface to Drupal, you will need a Newsletter2Go account. If you don’t have an account, you can get free create your own here: Register now for free.

Here you’ll learn how you can integrate the interface with your Drupal system using the Drupal plugin Newsletter:

1. Plugin Installation

1.1 Download the plugin to connect to Drupal here and save it in your Drupal folder.

1.2 Now you need to upload some files from your Drupal folder on your FTP server. Copy the plugins folder in the “shop_ordner / modules” directory. “shop_ordner” is the Public folder of your store.

2. Plugin Activation

2.1 Open the menu item “Modules” in Drupal backend.

Drupal Plugin installieren 01

2.2 Find the Newsletter2Go module in the extension area and check the box for “Enable”. Now save the settings. The plugin is now active.

Drupal Plugin installieren 02
3. Enable API Access

3.1 Open the menu item “Configuration” and click “content creation” in the Newsletter2Go module.

Drupal Plugin installieren 03
3.2 Now enter your API Key. You’ll find it here in the Newsletter2Go App. If there is no API key yet, generate a new one. Copy and paste this into Drupal, then save the settings. Now you’ll need to configure the interface with Newsletter2Go. Copy your API Key and paste according to the instructions below.

Drupal Plugin installieren 04
4. Connect with Newsletter2Go

4.1 Log in with your Newsletter2Go account in the software and click on “Settings” to enter the settings menu. Then select the “Interfaces” tab.

Drupal Plugin installieren

4.2 Now click on “New Connection to set up” to go to the overview of all available interfaces.

Drupal Plugin installieren
4.3 Here you’ll find the Drupal plugin under the “CMS connections” category.

Drupal Plugin installieren 07
4.4 This will open a window to set up the integration. Enter the URL of your Drupal website, and your API Key. At this point you can choose daily recipient synchronization. If you have entered the required data, you can still test the integration or directly complete the setup.

Drupal Plugin installieren 08


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