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What options are there for optimising delivery rates?


The SPF record checks the origin and validity of a technical sender address (so-called MAIL FROM address) in email traffic. This address is only used for the SMTP address between the servers and remains invisible to the recipient.

Newsletter2Go uses a valid SPF record as standard. This is validated by many important email providers. You do not have to change any settings.

Sender ID:

Similar to the SPF entry that is effected on the Newsletter2Go website, you can – as a customer – place a so-called Sender ID entry in your domain’s DNS settings. In doing this you allow Newsletter2Go’s email servers to use your domain as the sender address. The Sender ID will mostly be used by Microsoft email services such as Hotmail, MSN or

Learn more about how to set up Sender ID in our help article about Sender ID.


The so-called DKIM process (DomainKeys Identified Mail process) signs outgoing emails with the use of a private and a public key. This allows the receiving email server to establish whether the email is being sent from a defined sender address (a HEADER FROM address, which is what the recipient sees) or not. DKIM is used by many large providers, such as Yahoo or Gmail.

To enable DKIM signatures, you need to alter settings with Newsletter2Go as well as with your customer settings. Find out exactly how that happens in our DKIM help article.

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